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Donate Today to Save Cotton-top Tamarins!

You Can Help Save This Critically Endangered Monkey!

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We Can Save Cotton-top Tamarins with Your Help!

Cotton-top tamarins are tiny, one-pound monkeys found only in the tropical forests of northwest Colombia. Their future is threatened as their forest homes are destroyed and they are captured for the illegal pet trade. As the leading experts on cotton-top tamarins, Proyecto Tití has more than 30 years of studying cotton-top tamarins and working with local communities to create programs that are positively impacting the lives of people to care about protecting forests in Colombia for cotton-top tamarins.

Working to educate and create communities that support the conservation of cotton-top tamarins is at the heart of what we do each and every day. Whether it is teaching children in schools how they can become involved in protecting cotton-tops, to working with communities to reduce their use of forest products, or working with local farmers to improve their farming practices and restore habitat, we are making a difference in protecting cotton-tops for the future. We are truly committed to finding new ways for communities to benefit by being involved in conservation. You can support local artisans by purchasing an eco-mochila made from recycled plastic bags or plush cotton-top tamarin toys today!

Join us today to help save cotton-top tamarins!