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Donate Today to Save Cotton-top Tamarins!

You Can Help Save a Critically Endangered Primate!

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With Your Help We Can Save Cotton-top Tamarins!

Cotton-top tamarins are small primates found only in the tropical forests of northern Colombia. Their survival is threatened by extensive destruction of their forest habitat and their capture for the illegal pet trade. Proyecto Tití has been leading conservation efforts for cotton-top tamarins in Colombia. We have studied these primates in their natural environment for more than 30 years and we continue to work with local communities to create programs that have a positive impact on peoples lives and motivates them to protect the forests that are home to this Critically Endangered primate.

We are committed to educating the next generations of Colombians and creating local communities that are dedicated to supporting the long-term conservation of the cotton-top tamarin. Our school programs teach children about the perils of having a cotton-top tamarin as a pet and how they can help protect cotton-tops and their forest home. We work with communities to reduce the use and exploitation of forest resources and partner with local farmers and ranchers to improve their agricultural practices.

Proyecto Tití works in Colombia to protect forests for cotton-tops through declaring forests as protected areas or working with local NGO's and farmers to create forest corridors that will connect isolated forest patches to larger areas for conservation. We are committed to creating sustainable economic alternatives to benefit local communities so that Colombia's natural resources will be protected for the future.

You can help communities stay engaged and committed to conserving cotton-tops by donating today or purchasing products made by local artisans. Whether it is an eco-mochila made from recycled plastic bags or a stuffed cotton-top tamarin toy, you can help make a difference in the lives of local communities that are helping to protect cotton-tops!

Join us in helping to conserve cotton-top tamarins!